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    Who gets first priority on choosing a name for a baby – the father or mother?

Bar Mitzvah (2)

My son is going to camp 2 days before his Bar Mitzvah.  Can we make the party a week in advance?

Rebbe Tehillim

What are the chapters Tehillim that the Tzemach Tzedek told his children to say while his Rebetzen was in labor and delivery?


 I am gluten free and when I have wheat challah on Shabbos I get sick. What\’s should I do?

Selected Sichos


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תזכורת לימי חודש אלול ה’תשפ”ב 

תזכורת לימי ראש השנה ועשרת ימי תשובה ה’תשפ”ג – שנת הקהל

 מדריך לראש השנה ויום כיפור – בית דין רבני חב”ד בארץ הקודש

הוראות לבעל תוקע – ממדריך רבני חב”ד צרפת

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Reminders for the month of Elul 5782


Reminders for Rosh Hashono and

Aseres Yemei Teshuvah – 5783- Shnas Hakhel


 Laws and Custom by Rabbi Lesches – Days Of Selichos and Erev Rosh Hashono

Laws and Custom by Rabbi Lesches – Days Of Rosh Hashono

Laws and Custom by Rabbi Lesches – Laws for the Baal Tokeya

Laws and Custom by Rabbi Lesches – Laws for Tzom Gedalia


תזכורת ליום הכיפורים ה’תשפ”ג – שנת הקהל


Reminders in English  for Yom Kippur 5783 – Shnas Hakhel


Yom Kippur 5783: Laws and customs – by Rabbi Lesches

Which include the Halochos of: Kapparos – Erev Yom Kippur Morning – Mikvah and Mincha – Halachos of Vidui – Seudah Hamafsekes – Yom Kippur preparations – Late Afternoon & Candle-Lighting – Fasting – Other Restrictions of Yom Kippur – Children – Kol Nidrei & Maariv – Shmoneh Esrei on Yom Kippur -  End of Maariv & Krias Shma – Yom Kippur Morning – Shacharis – Musaf – Mincha & Neilah – Motzei Yom Kippur- Davening without a Minyan – Gott’s Nommen.


הלכות חולה ביום הכיפורים – הרב אבערלאנדער

Note for nursing mothers for Yom Kippur

חולה מעוברת ומניקה – ביום הכיפורים


Reminders for the first days of Sukkos – 5783 – Shnas Hakhel

Laws for the First Days of Sukkos – by Rabbi Lesches

Which include teh Halochois of: Hakhel – Building the Sukkah – Location of the Sukkah – The Schach -  Laying the Schach -  Supporting the Schach – Laws of making an Ohel – The Sukkah and decorations -  Choosing the Daled Minim – Binding the Daled Minim – Erev Sukkos – Candle Lighting  -  First two nights of Sukkos  -  Yaale Veyavo in Bentching  -  Brocho of Leishev Basukka  -  Living in the Sukkah  -  Bentching Lulav  -  Ownership of Daled Minim  -  Hallel  -   Ho’Shaanos  -  Mivtzoim  -  First Day of Sukkos  -  Second Night of Sukkos  -  Second Day of Sukkos  -  Ya’aleh Veyavo in Davening  -  Chol Hamoed  -  Shabbos Chol Hamoed  -

 Reminders for the last days of Sukkos 5783 – Shnas Hakhel

תזכורת לימים האחרונים של חג הסוכות – שנת הקהל ה’תשפ”ג


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