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    Who gets first priority on choosing a name for a baby – the father or mother?

Bar Mitzvah (2)

My son is going to camp 2 days before his Bar Mitzvah.  Can we make the party a week in advance?

Rebbe Tehillim

What are the chapters Tehillim that the Tzemach Tzedek told his children to say while his Rebetzen was in labor and delivery?


 I am gluten free and when I have wheat challah on Shabbos I get sick. What\’s should I do?

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Reminders for Pesach 5782 – Part 1

from Rosh Chodesh Nissan until 13 of Nissan

Reminders For Pesach 5782 – Part 2

From Yud Alef Nissan until the first day of Chol Hamoed

Reminders For Pesach 5782 – Part 3

From the first day of Chol Hamoed until the end of Yom Tov


תזכורת לימי הפסח ה’תשפ”ב – חלק א

מר”ח ניסן עד י”ב ניסן

תזכורת לימי הפסח ה’תשפ”ב – חלק ב

מיום הבהיר י”א ניסן עד יום א’ דחול המועד

תזכורת לימי הפסח ה’תשפ”ב – חלק ג

מיום א’ דחול המועד עד אחרי חג הפסח


Laws and customs by Rabbi Lesches – Pesach 5782 - Part 1

which includes the Halochois of: Thirty days before Pesach (what is not eaten; how to handle Chometz; Maos Chitim; Mivtza Matzoh; Mechiras Chometz etc.) – Month of Nissan – Shabbos Hagodol – Cleaning away the Chometz – Koshering utensils and countertops etc. -  Mechiras Chometz – Kitniyos – Prevalent Chumros.

Laws and customs by Rabbi Lesches – Pesach 5782 – Part 2 -

Preparations to Bedikas Chometz – Time of Bedikas Chometz – Bedikas Chometz – Pesach and Seder preparations – Erev Pesach in the morning – Biur Chometz – Chometz after this time – Finding Chometz after this time – Erev Pesach afternoon – Matzah – forgot to prepare Seder items – First night Maariv – Hallel – The seder (both nights) – Yaale Veyovo in Bentching – First day Davening and Tal – Second night and day of Pesach – Vesein Brocho – Yaale Veyavo in davening


Laws and customs by Rabbi Lesches – Pesach 5782 – Part 3 -

Chol Hamoed – Erev Shvii she Pesach – Shvii shel Pesach by night – Shvii Shel Pesach by day – Acharon Shel Pesach night – Acharon Shel Pesach day – Isru Chag.

Laws and customs – Eiruv Tavshilin – by Rabbi Lesches – Pesach 5782 -

Laws and customs by Rabbi Lesches – Sefiras Haomer 5782 - 

All the laws concerning Sefiras Haomer – Chodosh – days of the Omer – Fast of Be”habPesach SheniLag BaomerShabbos Chazak/Mevorchim



Laws of Koshering for Pesach – By Rabbi Oberlander 

Pesach cleaning guidelines – by Rabbi Oberlander

TEVILAS KEILIM: What requires Tevila, what requires a Brocho etc.


הלכות ומנהגי חב”ד לפסח מוועד רבני ליובאוויוטש צרפת


קצת מהלכות פסח להרב אובערלאנדער


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