There are many things that are done during a lifetime which are a Segula for Arichus Yomim.

For example: almost every single one of our Rabeim and Rebbetzins wrote a Tzavoo (will) as a segula for arichus yomim (see Igrois Koidesh vol.4 page 373 and more).

Fact has shown, that those people and families who did the proper preparations for after 120, the families were much more at ease knowing that issues were dealt with in a timely manner.

Please contact Rabbi Garelik for any details in this area.

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In case of tragedy ר”ל –  if you would like Rabbi Garelik’s services, you may contact him on his cell, or email:

Funeral services include:

Visiting the family before and after the incident to prepare them.

He will officiate at the chapel, cemetery, helping prepare the house for shiva etc.

Rabbi Garelik will also provide written instructions.

Rabbi Garelik does not get involved in obtaining plots.

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May we merit the ultimate redemption immediately.