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Giving: Led by Rabbi Levi Garelik, an esteemed Rov, mashpia, orator and author, the SichosOnline.org virtual community is committed to spreading the light of Chassidus to bring about the final revelation of Moshiach.

Receiving: Rabbi Garelik offers his personal guidance to this community and to each of its members.

Sharing: Join us to gain cherished insight into the Rebbe’s words and take part in sharing this treasure with the world.

Sponsorship Highlights

  • Join a close community of people exploring Chassidus through the Rebbe’s Torah and sharing it with the world at large
  • Sponsoring partner’s name will be prominently displayed to several thousand people whenever a shiur is aired or a reply to a query is given. All participants will thus be indebted not only to the teacher but to the community and its sponsors.
  • You will have access to a vast collection of frequently updated Halacha and Hashkafa FAQs that Rabbi Garelik has been asked pertaining to the Jewish family life
  • Invaluable personal guidance for you and your family

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Full access to all published information on the website, including:
1. The "Ask a shaila" section consisting of hundreds of frequently asked shailos in Halacha
2. Detailed printable advisory of halacha and minhogim before each Yom Tov
3. Weekly shiurim in the Rebbe’s Sichos with curriculum
Sponsorship of 1 shiur, with option to display name or remain anonymous. -
Sponsorship of 3 shiurim, with option to display name or remain anonymous. - -
Personal, knowledgeable and quick responses to everyday shailos e.g., Taharas Hamishpacha, Kashrus, etc. - -
Sponsorship of 10 shiurim, with option to display name or remain anonymous. - - -
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Pesach 2014

“I (and in many cases my whole family) learn the Sichos on a weekly basis for over a year now. I wish I would have had received such clarity when I was in Yeshiva. That is why I recently became a gold sponsor.The answers to my shailos are clear, concise, and… no need to look for the Rabbi! I have him at my fingertips!”  B.L

“I recently lost my mother. There was a lot of confusion regarding the Minhogim. Then I heard about this website. Rabbi Garelik, you addressed on your website ALL the questions that we had. May Hashem bless you and, of course, we became a partner (for starters).”  C.G.

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