Why did the angles think that they deserve the Torah more that humans?

1. What was the debate between Moshe Rabeinu and the angels?
2. Why do we bring the children to hear the Aseres Hadibros?
3. What is a “Bar Metzra”?
4. Where is Hashem’s home? And why?
5. What is the idea of “Dira Betachtonim”?
6. Why was Moshe Rabeinu called “the man of G-d”?
7. Why are Yidden called “partners” to Hashem?
8. Is the Torah given to the Yidden as a “sale” or as an “inheritance” or as a “present” or all of the above?
9. Do angels follow the directives of the Shulchon Oruch?
10. Who was Reb. Chanoch Henoch Gottesman? And Reb Shlomo Shultz?

Based on Likutei Sichos Vol. 18 pages 28-34 and others

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