Why do we Toivel Keilim that were bought from a non-Jew? Why dont we Toivel the Keilim that we sold to the goy before Pesach? Why do we eat Milchigs (dairy) on Shavuos?

1. What is the reason for the Mitzva of “Tvilas Keilim” (discussed in Parshas Matos)?
2. Do you need to toivel bran new utensils that were bought from a nonJew, if they were never used? Why?
3. Did the Yidden observe the laws of separation of milk and meat prior to the giving of the Torah?
4. How did they do Shchita in the desert?
5. What is the difference between Hag’olas Keilim and Tvilas Keilim?
6. What is the dispute between the Noda BiYehuda, the Chasam Sofer and the Alter Rebbe regarding the utensils sold to the Goy before Pesach?
7. When was pig permitted?
8. And what did the Rebbe say about his grandfather, the author of the Shaar Hakolel and Kav Noki?
9. Who was Reb Noson Adler?

Based on Likutei Sichos Vol. 18 pages 363-370 and others

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