Elul: Why is Elul called a Rasha (Wicked)?

  1. Who is buried next to the “Megale Amukois”?
  2. What are the Roshei Teivos [acronym] of Elul?
  3. Who was Miriam Bas Bilga?
  4. What was the purpose of the rings in the Bais Hamikdosh?
  5. Who was Korach’s neighbor?
  6. What is the source for “Oi Lorosho Veoi Lishcheno” [woe is to the wicked and woe is to his neighbor]?
  7. What dos “Oi” mean? Is it a word or just a sound?
  8. What does Tkias [the sounding of the] Shofar symbolize?
  9. The Gemoro says that when the month of Av commences we diminish in joy. Why is this only till the 9th and not the whole month?
  10. Why did Hashem create Reshoim (evil people)?
  11. What is the wonderful lesson that we learn from this?

Based on Likutei Sichos Vol. 19 pages 65-66 and vol. 33 pages 10 and others         

מיוסד על לקוטי שיחות חלק י”ט עמודים 65-66 ולקו”ש חלק לג ע’ 10 ועוד


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