Why did Moshe Rabbeinu carry the bones of Yosef?

Beshalach/Yud Shvat:

The Frierdiker Rebbe and the Rebbe: a perfect continuance

By: Rabbi Levi Y. Garelik

  1. Why did the previous Rebbe move to Crown Heights? Why didn’t he move to a country-side like Monsey, Lakewood or New Square?
  2. Why does the Torah say that Moshe Rabenu carried Yosef’s “bones” rather than his “casket”?
  3. What di Reb Chayim Brisker tell his son when he became a Chosson?
  4. Why does the Rebbe’s first Maamor start with “Bosi Legani”?
  5. Why does the Frierdiker Rebbe’s first Maamor (chassidic discourse) start with “Reishis Goyim, Amalek”?
  6. What is “hidden” in the name “Hayom Yom”?
  7. What are the three Mitzvos required prior to entering Eretz Yisroel?
  8. What is the ראשי תיבות (acronym) of באת”י  (Legani)?
  9. What message did the Rebbe say to President Shazar from the Frierdiker Rebbe?
Based on Likutei Sichos vol. 26 pages 85-89 and others

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