Chayei Sarah: What does Meoras ha“machpeila” mean?

By: Rabbi Levi Y. Garelik


  1. 1.    Why is it called “Machpeila”?
  2. 2.    What was “double”?
  3. 3.    Why does Rashi give two explanations?
  4. 4.    How does the Artscroll Chumas explain this?
  5. 5.    What does Kabalah say about this?
  6. 6.    Why were our Ovois (patriarchs) and Imahos (matriarchs) buried in Meoras Hamachpeila?
  7. 7.    Why is Meoras Hamchpeila in “Kiryas Arba”?
  8. 8.    Why is she in “Chevron”?
  9. 9.    Why is she in “Eretz Knaan”?
  10. 10.          What does the “death of Sarah” and her being “buried in Meoras Hamachpeila” mean to every one of us?
  11. 11.          Another example of how Kabalah enhances the simple explanation of a Rashi….
  12. 12.          What does “Teshuva” mean?
  13. 13.          Why does Hashem send a Neshama into this world? What is the purpose in this?

Based on Likutei Sichos Vol. 5 pages 105-111 and others


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