A tribute to the worldwide Shluchim conference (part 1) Would you give up everything you own for… a Shiduch?

1. Why did Avrohom Ovinu give everything he owns for this Shidduch?
2. How did he trust Eliezer with this?
3. Was Eliezer a Shadchan or a Shliach? And what is the difference?
4. Why does the Torah “occupy” so many pages on the “mission” of this Shiduch?
5. Why is Moshiach called a “Shliach”?
6. Why is Moshe Rabeinu called a “Shliach”?
7. Why is it important to stress that every yid is a “Shliach”?
8. Why do we “corrupt” a little child by teaching him “Tora Ziva Lano Moshe” and not “Hashem”?
9. Why do we need a “human” Moshiach?
Based on Sefer HaSichos 5752 pages 97-113 and others

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