Will the real leader please stand up?

1. In the desert, the Yidden had water from the well of Miriam. When she died the well stopped giving water and it returned in the merit of Moshe. Why?
2. The clouds in the desert were in honor of Aharon. When he died they left. What is the dispute if they also came back in the merit of Moshe?
3. Were there different types of clouds? What was their purpose?
4. A Sukkah represents the clouds that were with the Yidden in the desert. There were seven clouds. Why doesn’t a Sukkah have seven walls?
5. Which is the earliest GPS in history?
6. What did Horav Soloveichik say after attending the Farbrengen?
7. Tzadikim give to Yidden only Ruchniyus (spiritual needs) or also Gashmiyus (material needs)?

Based on Likutei Sichos Volume 18 pages 253-261 and others

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