Did the Yidden say “Naase venishma” before or after the giving of the Torah?


1. Why did the Yidden first say only “Naase”? and twice?
2. Why did Hashem decide to give the Torah only after the Yidden said both,“Naase” and “Nishma”?
3. What prompted the Yidden to say two things: “Naase” and “Nishma”?
4. Why is “Naase venishma” recorded after Matan Torah in Parsha Mishpotim?
5. What is the major dispute between Rashi and the Ramban on this subject?
6. What is the “Sefer Habris” (book of the covenant)?
7. Was Torah written in one time (after 40 years) or as things were happening?
8. Why is the Torah not written chronologically (“Ain Mukdam Umeuchar Batorah”)?
9. Which are the Mitzvos that were given before Matan Torah?

Based on Likutei Sichos Vol. 21 pages 138-145 and others

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