The Akeida (part 1): What is the big deal? Ultimately – nothing happened to Yitzchok!

1. What did Reb Refoel of Hamburg answer to the Misnagdim who wanted to “excommunicate” the Chassidim?
2. Who was the first astronaut?
3. Why did Avrohom sacrifice the Ram? There was no need to, once he “misunderstood” Hashem’s intentions.
4. Why did the angel call Avrohom twice by the Akeida?
5. Why didn’t the first angel give over the whole message?
6. When Hashem told Avrohom not to “touch” Yitzchok, Avrohom begged to – at least – make him a little wound. Why?
7. Why did Hashem say twice “and you did not withhold Yitzchok from me”?
8. What is the wonderful lesson for Chassidim and Shluchim of the Rebbe?

Based on Likutei Sichos volume 30 pages 76-81 and others

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