Why did the Rebbe request that we learn Rambam daily?

In honor of the upcoming 35th Siyum Horambam - 20 Tishrei 5777

In honor of the upcoming 34nd Siyum Horambam – 6 Kislev 5776

Why do Lubavitchers learn the whole Rambam?


  1. 1.    Why did the Rebbe start the תקנה of learning Rambam every day?
  2. 2.    If the idea is to learn Halochos every day, why not learn Shulchon Oruch which is more practical?
  3. 3.    Why does everyone have to learn the WHOLE Rambam, why don’t we do like the distribution of Shas of Yud tes kislev that everyone learns one Masechta?
  4. 4.    What is the difference if you learn three chapters a day or one chapter?
  5. 5.    Since when do women and children learn Rambam?
  6. 6.    What is different between the Rambam’s preface and all other sforim?
  7. 7.    Where did Reb Elimelech from Lizensk get his set of Rambam?
  8. 8.    And what did the Chasam Sofer do every Motzoei Shabbos?

Based on Likutei Sichos vol. 27 pages 229-236 and others

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