Bris Mila: Why is this Mitzva associated with pain?

1. Why did the Rebbe request to stamp a positive message at the end of the Haggadah?
2. Why is this much more than what Felix Baumgartner did?
3. The Rambam says clearly that the reason why we do Bris Mila is because Hashem commanded it to Moshe Rabeinu (NOT Avrohom Ovinu).
4. Why does the Alter Rebbe say that the Neshomo comes into the body by a Bris Mila? A baby learns the whole Torah while in the Mother’s womb!
5. What makes Bris Mila different than ALL other Mitzvos?

Based on Likutei Sichos volume 10 pages 44-48 and others

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