Rabbinical Org is proud to be supporting the following educational and humanitarian institutions:

ShulThe European Synagogue

The Shul is a meeting place for social, religious, educational, cultural, and family events and where people seek guidance and advice for whatever issues life presents.  Learn More


Rabbinical Center of Europe

The Rabbinical Centre of Europe has made it its goal to enlarge the scope of spiritual opportunities in Europe and support the sacred work of European Rabbis. Learn More

EJCC-conferences-LREuropean Jewish Community Center

Promoting Jewish culture in the European Union and its institutions by creating a dynamic centre for anyone interested in Jewish Culture. Learn More


European Jewish Developement Fund

EJDF is invigorating the Jewish community of Europe with authentic Jewish education, culture, humanitarian aid, political representation and media assistance. Learn More

4European Center for Jewish Students

Based in Brussels, ECJS is a non‐profit, apolitical organization which caters to the needs and interests of all Jewish students and young professionals.  Learn More