A sequel to Part 1: A basic introduction explaining the first Maamor (discourse) of the Rebbe, in 5711 (1951) which set the agenda for our generation.  


Moshe Rabbeinu didn’t know the answer?!
Based on Likutei Sichos Vol. 13 pages 93-98 and others


Why did Moshe Rabeinu split the tribe of Menashe, half in Eretz Yisroel and half on the other side of the Yarden?

MU 368. Rabbi Laima Barber and Owen Griffiths, President, Island Hebrew Congregation Mauritius, doing tefillin-L

Excuse me, did you put on Tefillin today? What does the word “Totafos” mean? Why are “Tefillin” called “Totafos”?


Chof Menachem Av – The Rebbe’s father’s Yohrzeit. When the Rebbe asked me: And whom are you named after? And, Thank you for coming to the Yohrzeit.