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What is the big deal about the miracle of the oil? There were greater miracles in history!

Pirkei Avos Till Shavuos Or Rosh Hashana?

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Why does everyone learn Pirkei Avos between Pesach and Shovuos and only “some” have the custom to learn them also in the summer months?
Based on Biurim Lepirkei Avos in several places (farbrengen of Shabbos parshas Nizovim Vayelech 5736) and others

Chof Menachem Av

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Chof Menachem Av – The Rebbe’s father’s Yohrzeit. When the Rebbe asked me: And whom are you named after? And, Thank you for coming to the Yohrzeit.


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Elul: when do we start blowing the Shofar? The first day or the second day of Rosh Chodesh elul?

Parshas Ki Sovo/Chai Elul

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Thanks but NO thanks and the birthday of the Baal Shem tov and the Alter Rebbe