Parshas Vayera

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The Akeida (part 1): What is the big deal? Ultimately – nothing happened to Yitzchok!


Chayei Sarah: What does Meoras ha“machpeila” mean? By: Rabbi Levi Y. Garelik Also: 1.    Why is it called “Machpeila”? 2.    What was “double”? 3.    Why does Rashi give two explanations? 4.    How does the Artscroll Chumas explain this? 5.    What does Kabalah say about this? 6.    Why were our Ovois (patriarchs) and Imahos (matriarchs) buried… Read more »



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What is the big deal about the miracle of the oil? There were greater miracles in history!


Parshas Miketz

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Pharaoh’s dreams were so simple – any farmer (or child) can figure them out!?


Why did Ya’akov not trust Yosef’s word? Why did he also request an oath? Also: Why doesn’t Rashi accept the commentaries explanation, that Yakov wanted an oath to preempt what Pharoh is going to say? What is the difference between an oath and a promise? What does it mean when Hashem takes an oath? Why… Read more »