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  1. A.     For Weekdays

When going to the hospital during the week, the parents should prepare:

  1. Food.
  2. Clothing.
  3. The phone number(s) of a taxi service(s).
  4. The father’s tallis and tefillin.
  5. A baby-sitter for the other children (if there are any).
  6. Siddur.
  7. Chitas, a Rambam. Many chassidim also take a picture of the Rebbe.
  8. tzedakah pushkah and coins, so that one can give tzedakah in the hospital and also enable others – even gentiles – to also give[1].
  9. Shir Ha’Maalos – The Rebbe publicized the custom of hanging a copy of Shir HaMaalos (Psalm 121) for protection from undesirable spiritual forces.[2] Copies of this psalm are available from many stores and Jewish women’s groups. [See at the end of this chapter an image of the Shir Ha’Maalos that was presented to the Rebbe for his approval when this campaign commenced.]

A copy should be hung at the entrance to the labor room,[3] later at the entrance to the mother’s room, and on the baby’s crib. These copies should be prepared before going to the hospital. It is also advisable to prepare extra copies to give to other women in the hospital. If there is a question of immodesty, the Shir Ha’Maalos should be placed in two coverings, i.e., wrapped in an envelope or the like. When the mother comes home, the copies of Shir HaMaalos are hung on the entrance to the home, on the doors of the mother’s and child’s bedrooms, and in the baby’s crib (and wherever else is customary in the family).[4]


  1. B.     For Shabbos or Yomtov

With regard to going to the hospital on Friday or Shabbos, in addition to the above see Section 1, subsection B.{put link}

[1] See a facsimile of the handwritten notes from the Rebbe and the Rebbetzin(!) in the Hebrew section corresponding to this chapter.

[2]Sefer HaSichos 5747, Vol. 1, p. 146ff.

[3]. See Sichos Kodesh Simchas Torah 5737, p. 158; Sefer HaSichos 5752, Vol. p. 41, note 41.

[4]. See also sec 10:e which speaks about the positive influence seeing the Shir Hamaalos card exerts upon the child.



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